You’re Invited! Custom Blend Cosmetics Free Live Sessions

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If you are at all curious about Custom Blend Cosmetics, here’s your chance to get an inside look at this amazing system. During the entire month of August, we will be having LIVE sessions twice a week, the best part is, these are all FREE sessions that you all all invited to watch!

Shopping for the correct foundation can be a challenge for most people, and so many settle for the wrong one. Everyone deserves the right to foundation that matches their skin, but this can be difficult to find. The days of randomly selecting a premade foundation at the drugstore and hoping it works with your skin tone are over. Everyone seeks the ‘perfect fit’ with customized products that speak to their individual needs and preferences. Motives Cosmetics puts an end to all of this! We help our clients find their match and make them a PERFECT formula personalized just for them with the Motives Custom Blend System.

Not only do we all demand precise color matching from the tiny bottle we greet every morning, but we want the extras, too. Things like a matte or dewy finish, skin-protecting ingredients, with the perfect coverage. Your professional custom blend specialist will formulate a botanically infused, high quality, mineral makeup that is uniquely created for your needs; any shade, coverage, texture, finish or skin type. The possibilities are endless. 

Are you ready for exclusive access? There’s one registration for the Monday series and a separate registration for the Wednesday series. You can register for each below.

Monday FREE LIVE Sessions

The Schedule

Here is what we have lined up for you every Monday in August for the Custom Blend Cosmetics Free Live Sessions:

Custom Blend Cosmetics Free Live Sessions
  • August 3rd @ 9PM EDT | 8PM CDT: Meet the New You! with Motives Custom Blend Did you know you can have a foundation created for you that not only matches your skin tone, exactly, but offers the perfect amount of coverage, the desired finish, and tailors to your lifestyle? Did you know we have both a liquid and a powder system, which offer you the ability to mix and match any type of product from a liquid or powder foundation, to a translucent setting powder, customized blush or bronzer, uniquely crafted lip tints and brow pomades?! BEST part is that the entire system is hypoallergenic, talc-free, paraben-free, dye-free, considered a cosmeceutical and backed by many industry professionals who are triple board certified because of the integrity of the product and purity of ingredient! You’ll love this introduction to all things custom blend! Click here to register
Custom Blend Cosmetics Free Live Sessions
  • August 10th @ 9PM EDT | 8PM CDT: Meet Your Match as Custom Blend Consultant whether you want to indulge your creative spirit and learn how to whip up blends for friends and family, or you need significant cash flow (like yesterday!) and are ready to learn what it takes to create a full time income by incorporating custom blend into your business as the main focus, this session is for you! Click here to register

Custom Blend Cosmetics Free Live Sessions

August 17th @ 9PM EDT |8PM CDT: Custom Branded, with Motives Custom Blend. One of the most powerful uniquenesses about being a partner with our company is the ability (and encouragement) to stay true to YOU by seamlessly integrating specific products and services into your personal brand or business. Whether your whipping things up from our Inspired by You – Recipe Book – or curating your own concoctions, options are endless and you can have fun matching names to your creations as you mix and mingle. Click here to register

Custom Blend Cosmetics Free Live Sessions
  • August 24th @ 9PM EDT | 8PM CDT: Level-Up as You Mix it Up! You can imagine the type of exclusivity and loyalty you’ll achieve and receive as a result of alining yourself with this incredible custom blend system that offers endless solutions. Part of the natural progression of working with the brand (and having fun!) is that customers will express an interest in learning how to do what you do… so let’s chat expanding distribution and creating proper duplication for maximum impact and income. Click here to register
  • August 31st @ 9PM EDT | 8PM CDT: Lead the Way with Motives Custom Blend according to Brazilian artist, Angelica Dass, who has been photographing people of every color and matching each subject’s skin tone to hues from the Pantone printing color chart to codify a unique chromatic inventory – there are at least 4,000 skin colors in the human rainbow! No wonder why finding the correct foundation can be a challenge for most people. No need to settle! Everyone deserves to find a foundation that not only matches their skin, but accommodates their lifestyle. Tune in to learn how we do just that! Click here to register

Wednesday FREE LIVE Sessions

The Schedule

Wait until you see what we have planned for Wednesdays! We will be mixing LIVE and more than JUST foundations! Here’s what you have to look forward to with the Custom Blend Cosmetics Free Live Sessions:

Custom Blend Cosmetics Free Live Sessions
  • August 5th @ 11AM EDT | 10AM CDT: LIVE Demonstration for Creating a Liquid & Powder Foundation. Brought to you by 4 Certified Custom Consultants with different skin types and tones! They’ll all whip up a blend and apply so you can laugh and learn and ask any questions! Click here to register
  • August 12th @ 11AM EDT | 10 AM CDT: Eyebrows have the power to completely enhance your look by properly framing the face. They also offer a more youthful appearance by adding definition, height and length. Tune in to learn how to custom create a brow pomade that is the perfect color and texture for you! One of the essential products for a ‘no makeup, makeup look’. Click here to register
Custom Blend Cosmetics Free Live Sessions
  • August 19th @ 11AM EDT | 10 AM CDT: Want to create a sun-kissed glow without the damaging UV rays? How about adding a pop of pigment to give your cheeks just the right amount of color so your complexion looks healthy and vibrant? Join us to experience custom blended blushes and bronzers, as well as a ‘how-to’ tutorial when it comes to application. Click here to register
  • August 26th 11AM EDT | 10AM CDT: Did you know that with Motives you can have a customized lip product created – just for you!? A unique color designed with you in mind, paired with skin-loving ingredients and even the desired texture and finish. You won’t want to miss this interactive broadcast where we demonstrate how to quickly pull a look together by using the perfect lippie! Click here to register

I hope that you join us for ALL of these invaluable sessions, but if you can’t attend all of them don’t worry, they will be recorded…technology permitting, but if you can watch them LIVE you can interact with us and ask all of your questions!

You\'re Invited! Custom Blend Cosmetics Free Live SessionsYou\'re Invited! Custom Blend Cosmetics Free Live SessionsYou\'re Invited! Custom Blend Cosmetics Free Live Sessions

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