You’re Invited! Loren’s VIP Beauty Lounge-Enhancing Your Superpowers This Monday

BLOG, Makeup / Friday, April 9th, 2021

No one is YOU. And that is your Super Power! Motives mission is all about empowering you to look and feel your best while living a lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about! Inspired by Loren Ridinger, our Motives Super Hero, we’re super excited to introduce you to our new Super Power Matte Palette! 

Consider this your VIP invite-Join us for a fun and interactive segment with Loren and her Motives team, as they share their favorite go-to looks uniquely designed with this new palette in mind! Order one for yourself, invite a friend, and join us LIVE to recreate your favorite look and engage in some real conversation about uncovering your unique super powers!

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Level Up Your Makeup Game

It’s time to level up your makeup game with your most essential superpower, the Super Power Mattes Eye Shadow Palette. There isn’t anyone more fitting than Loren to launch a palette with such a powerful message. Loren has not only been a personal mentor of mine, but also inspires thousands all over the globe! What’s your superpower? Can you run in heels, climb Mount Everest, run your own company, keep a house full of loved ones from pure chaos on the daily? No matter what superpower you have, it’s uniquely yours and this palette is here to help enhance it.

Shop ahead and grab your own Super Power Mattes Palette HERE!

See you Monday!!

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